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Our blog covers news and views from TowerEight about our company, our people and the projects we work on.

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What is RIBA in Construction?

9th Dec, 2020
RIBA is an industry-standard planning method that details each step of the process in a building, construction or design project. […]
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What is Procurement Strategy in Construction?

20th Sep, 2019
Procurement is the acquisition of the materials, supplies or services needed to successfully operate a business or complete a project. […]
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What is Modular Construction?

31st Jul, 2019
Modular construction is the process of building offsite in ‘modules’. This means that external factors that usually need to be […]
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Can the UK Construction Sector overcome the lengthening Skills Gap?

12th Mar, 2019
There is broad construction industry hostility to Brexit; with a majority fearing Brexit will severely increase the labour shortage in […]
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What are Employer’s Agents?

26th Jan, 2019
In construction, under a design and build Contract an Employer’s Agent (EA) is appointed by the Client (employer) to represent […]
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Why Google Searches for ‘Standing Desks’ Have More Than Tripled in 12 Months

16th May, 2017
With searches more than tripling in the US and growing by more than 20% in the UK in the last […]
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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Hotel Construction

17th Feb, 2017
Thousands of new hotel rooms have to be built every year to cater for demand in the UK. More than […]
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TowerEight hosts first Workplace Seminar

22nd Dec, 2016
TowerEight and Orbit Architects held their first workplace seminar at the fantastic presentations rooms of The Office Group’s Albert House […]
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