Construction Project Management

What is Construction Project Management?

25th Feb, 2017

Construction project management (CPM) is a specialised type of project management applied to building and construction projects. Project managers play a pivotal role in the development of the project, helping to ensure its successful completion.

Project management is in high demand for construction undertakings in both the public and private sectors. Companies use these specialised management services to keep the cost, quality and timeline of their building projects under control.

The Role of Project Managers in Construction

A Project Manager (PM) will typically be appointed at the start of the construction project, and will help the Client in developing the project brief. The PM will also help to select and manage the project team (consultants and contractors) to ensure that the Clients’ key project drivers, such as time, cost and quality are achieved. Ultimately, a Project Manager takes full ownership and responsibility for the successful delivery of the project.

An example of some of the key responsibilities undertaken by a Project Manager include:


  • Establish project brief and define the team’s roles & responsibilities
  • Manage project risk
  • Manage the effective project communication protocol
  • Establish project programme and key milestones
  • Define project reporting and meeting protocol
  • Liaise and manage external third parties such as planners
  • Take ownership of the general planning process and planning compliance
  • Design management & coordination
  • Provide procurement strategy advice
  • Appoint main contractors and their supply chains
  • Ensure construction works are delivered in accordance with the building contracts


Benefits of Project Management in Construction

The project manager is the Client’s representative who acts in an objective manner and focuses on the best interests of the project.

PMs improve the risk management of a project. They’re able to monitor and manage risks and apply appropriate mitigation measures to prevent them from developing into project issues.

In addition to managing a projects risk profile, PMs can also identify project opportunities. Project Managers can improve design efficiencies, engineer cost savings and expedite project programmes all for the benefit of the Client.

PMs also provide centralised communication, liaising with all participants to ensure the project progresses seamlessly.

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