What is the Role of a Project Manager in Construction?

21st Dec, 2020

Budgeting and time management are crucial elements in the construction industry as they ultimately determine the success of a project.

While a Project Manager (PM) is responsible for overseeing both of these, their duties extend beyond project logistics to include people management and day-to-day activities.

What is the Role of a Project Manager in Construction?

A Project Manager oversees the planning and delivery of construction projects to ensure the work is completed to specification, on time and within budget. By enlisting a Project Manager, you’re helping to manage risk. With so many facets to consider in both pre- and post-construction, the PM works closely with engineers, architects and more to drive the best outcome.

Here are a few key areas a PM will oversee during a basic project:


The initial stages of the project require short and long-term planning and benchmarking to ensure compliance and regulatory requirements are met, and that each step of the plan has been effectively communicated with all parties.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Writing contracts
  • Sourcing contractors and suppliers
  • Estimating costs and timeframe
  • Writing proposals for tender
  • Market research
  • Establishing and monitoring processes

Throughout the project, the manager needs to evaluate the plan to ensure it remains on schedule.

Target setting & Time frames

The project, in its entirety, needs to be broken down into achievable goals to ensure everything remains on schedule. Knowing how to structure these milestones allows the project to stay within the designated time frame or be pushed out if need be.


Allocating and requesting money and estimating quotes in construction is a vital aspect of the job, ensuring that every penny is accounted for in budget reports.


Drawing up accurate legal contracts is one of the primary roles of a PM. Throughout the project process, they must also ensure that each party adheres to their requirements as per their signed contracts.


The Project Manager is also responsible for keeping the lines of communication open between the team and the client. Regular updates and reports about the responsibilities mentioned above ensure a transparent and smooth operation.

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