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Contract Administration & Employer’s Agent Role

A dedicated, specialist team focused on a consistent, quality approach to administering contracts.

  1. TowerEight is currently administering over £1.7bn of construction contracts

  2. The 2015 National Construction Contracts and Law Survey reports that 44% of those surveyed had to deal with at least one dispute in the last year and one in ten had to deal with 3 or more

  3. The number one cause of disputes is 'poor contract management'

Responding to recent client and market demand we have recognised the need to provide a specialist service, independent of Project Management and Cost Management services.

Our focus is on providing expert impartial advice and contract knowledge, proactively mitigating risk by managing the contractual process, ensuring all parties are aware of contractual requirements and guiding contracts to successful conclusion.

Our team is supported by specialist programming, external legal counsel and a host of technical consultants, on call to offer expert advice where required.

Contract Administrator

The Contract Administrator (CA) is responsible for administering the terms of the building contract as well as ensuring good administrative practices are followed.

The Contract Administrator will act as the agent of the employer in some circumstances but will be required to make impartial decisions in others.

Employer’s Agent 

An Employer’s Agent (EA) is employed to administer the conditions of JCT Design and Build contracts. The Employer’s Agent undertakes duties on behalf of the employer.

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