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Alpha Square

Far East Consortium International Limited Canary Wharf, London
  1. Aim

    To construct a 66-storey residential tower adjoining a 20-storey hotel and a 33-storey residential tower (including a school)

  2. Action

    We provided the initial Order of Cost estimates to support a number of scheme options and guide the project’s financial appraisal. We also presented detailed cost plans to support the planning submission and scheme viability

  3. Outcome

    We actively managed construction costs throughout the design process which helped produce a more efficient scheme which is currently submitted for planning

We have been responsible for the project’s entire cost management – from the initial brief through to the planning submission. We provided a significant number of cost options together with sensitivity analysis, with a specific focus on the options best suited to the financial appraisal.

Once a scheme had been set we attended workshops with the design team to ensure there was synergy between the design and cost plans. Our considerable experience in the development of high-rise buildings in central London meant we were able to identify potential areas of concern with the design and ensure they were captured early in the process, thus avoiding unnecessary re-design and time delays.

TowerEight has offered a knowledgeable, proactive and efficient value for money service throughout the cost planning process. The ability to be on call at short notice for issues and to get a prompt and informed response has been invaluable to the project’s progression.”


Richard Pearce Construction Director

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