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Marriott International Portfolio

Marriott International UK
  1. Aim

    To refurbish 42 Marriott Hotels in the UK and maximise all opportunities to add value

  2. Action

    We created a comprehensive framework of consultants and contractors for the refurbishment of the complete portfolio

  3. Outcome

    Refurbishments are currently underway across the UK.

    Seven years into this ten year project key achievements include; identifying new guest rooms at Marriott County Hall within the existing site, as well as fully renovating Marriott Kensington and identifying over 1,500 additional possible keys across the portfolio.

We are responsible for the project and cost management of the 4-star refurbishment of 42 Marriott hotels in the UK.

The works include hard refurbishment projects, third party restaurant operators, energy return on investment projects, public area refurbishments and the review of site opportunities for expansion. We continue to respond to an evolving brief and address any issues that occur throughout a large programme of works. Our agility and experience is fundamental to its ongoing success.

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